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We are open for Coffee and Dinner

Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 9pm

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Tuesday - Friday: 7am - 9pm

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History + Tradition

Little known fact: the state's first brewery was founded at the mouth of Emigration Canyon in 1865 by Henry Wagener. The biggest brewery west of the Mississippi, it produced 10,000 barrels of beer per year.

Emigration Brewing Co. is founded to honor and bring back the canyon's brewing history - collaborating with local brewers to emphasize the European influence of beer brewing. We hope to create Pilsners + Lagers worthy of the canyon's and Wagener's legacy.

We have great respect for the many local breweries in Utah and are developing partnerships with these breweries to bring great beer to the canyon. We believe in small batch, local and handcrafted beer.

Food + Drink

Wood-fired in our two copper ovens, organic, seasonal and locally-sourced fare are our trademarks at Emigration Brewing. Authentic, fresh, high-quality and organic ingredients are celebrated as hallmarks of our menu.

With beer at the center of our mission, we believe every meal is paired to perfection.


Dinner Menu


Emigration Brewing Co. is nestled in the Wasatch mountains and serves the Emigration Canyon community. We source locally first and are proud to offer a broad range of regional brews.

This is a perfect place to gather and enjoy our canyon's creekside haven.

We think that especially our little market should serve the needs of the neighborhood, let us know what you would like to see in the store in our suggestion box.

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Questions or Ideas?

We'd love to hear from you, just give us a call at (385) 355-0056 or contact us online.

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